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The mountain furnishing exhibition


A house in the mountains is a corner of paradise, a glimpse of beauty, a dream come true.

Hosted at the Longarone exhibition centre, at the foot of the Dolomites Mountains, Arredamont showcases the skilled use of wood, natural stones, wrought iron, and fine fabrics to celebrate the charm of a unique mountain environment. The essence of the mountain spirit is preserved in the endless applications of these beautiful materials, giving life to furniture and furnishings with an unmistakable style.


The mountain-furniture exhibition, Arredamont, is a national trade fair that attracts thousands of visitors and exhibitors – almost 250 company brands – from the furniture and interior design sectors, and families too. Arredamont is the home of wood, where the creative value, created above all by craft firms, rich in history and tradition, exalts the attention to detail of the solid wood inlays and finely finished pannelling, creating comfortable, welcoming and beautifully-furnished environments in traditional taste with soft cushions and linen, custom-made curtains, and colourful kitchen textiles.

In the context of Arredamont will also take place meetings and in depth moments about topics of particular interest for interior designers, professionals, architects and for all the enthusiasts of Cortina and Dolomites style of furnitures.

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